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Our members have exclusive discounted access to all the top barbecue brands - brands used by Pitmasters and barbecue enthusiasts alike. Check out a preview of what's waiting inside The League below. Want to join our partnership program? Click the button below to apply. 


Proud Souls

Your specialty shop for all things barbecue in Denver and Kansas City. Offering exclusive member discounts both online and in shop. Exclusive members only classes and experiences at all locations.


gateway drum smokers

Smoke Hot & Fast in half the time with a Gateway Drum Smoker. These drums are made in the USA and used by some of our BBQ League pitmasters and cooking enthusiast around the world. Experience World Champion level results in your backyard, and on the barbecue circuit!



Twang has been mixing it up with The BBQ League since our inception. While the meats are smoking, sip on the latino-inspired flavors and natural ingredients of Twang's original seasonings, salts and drink mixes!

gunter wilhelm

What was once a simple operation of providing high-quality knives and cookware at an affordable price, has now evolved into one of the most highly-esteemed cutlery and cookware brands in the nation.  



With the official KCBS Turkey Smoke points chase beginning in 2021, we partnered up with the National Turkey Federation to provide the most elite turkey content to subscribers. Through in-depth video lessons and up-beat events, you'll enjoy the bird like never before!


Honeysuckle White boasts turkeys raised by independent family farmers. They proudly partner with both The BBQ League and the National Turkey Federation to bring the top tier of turkey to our educational platform. 


iowa bbq store

The Iowa BBQ Store prides themselves as being a one-stop shop for all things barbecue. Looking for the cookers, glazes, seasonings and more used in each of our training videos? You'll likely find them all at the Iowa BBQ Store!

blues hog

Elevate every part of your barbecue game with Blues Hog barbecue sauce, rubs, marinades, and fuel. Voted best sauce on the planet 7X, Blues Hog is the award winning choice of champions among our BBQ League pitmasters and backyard cooks!

blues hog.jpg
kc bbq.jpg

kc bbq store

This esteemed, all-access store is owned and operated by Jeff and Joy Stehney, owners of Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que restaurants and founding members of the championship competition team, Slaughterhouse Five. Jeff is also a member of the BBQ Hall of Fame! Let's just say, they know barbecue.

kc grilling co.

The KC Grilling Company is staffed by a knowledgable group of Pitmasters who are ready and able to help you pick the the necessary tools for your best cook yet. From rubs and injections to grills and outdoor kitchens, this is the place to shop.  

kc grilling.jpg

atlanta bbq store

It's a barbecue enthusiast's dream! This family owned and operated business has enough top-notch supplies to keep your shelves stocked continuously. Pro-tip: one cool feature available through the Atlanta BBQ Store is they will ship your product directly to upcoming competitions!  

loot n' booty

This Veteran owned and American made company is run by multi-championship winning Pitmaster and US Navy Veteran, Sterling Smith. Sterling has crafted a signature line of sauces and rubs that are known and sold worldwide.

big poppa.jpg

big poppa smokers

Big Poppa Smokers is a highly esteemed brand in The BBQ community! From grills and smokers to rubs, sauces and accessories, they have "everything you need for better bbq." Currently, Big Poppa Smokers has two killer offers for our members. 

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